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Despite most studies depicting that teen drinking has been on the decline, it is not safe to say that the trend has been successfully curbed. There has been intense lobbying from various activists who have advocated against underage drinking by educating teens on dangers of early drinking. Drunk driving among teens has been on the rise with most of them competing among themselves after getting high. Drunk driving is the highest causal agent of most road accidents leading to serious injuries and even death. It is important to stop teens from drunk driving through the following means;

Educating them on dangers of drunk drivinkeyg

It is important to let teens understand the dangers of drunk driving and the ultimate implications that come with the vice. These can be done by giving them examples of people who have been involved in drunk driving and did not end well. It is advisable to let teens know that road carnages are dangerous and can lead to loss of lives. This will help in inducing fear in them, and they will ultimately avoid the ignition any time they taste alcohol or any other illusive drug.

Provide alternative mode of transport

Teens always get involved in drinking sprees usually on school holidays and weekends when they are not busy with class work or any other chores. It is important to monitor teens when they are going out with peers as that is the time they will involve themselves in drinking. It is, therefore, advisable to designate an alternate transport to the teens when they want to go out with their friends to avoid driving when drunk. This will ensure they are away from driving after taking alcohol.

Designate a driver to the teens

By designating a driver to the teens, it will a sure way of preventing them from driving while drunk. The driver will only be taking them anywhere they want, and this will take away the need to drive on their own. This is ideal for ensuring the safety of the teens anytime they go out and ensure they don’t drive while drunk.

Put a no drinking and driving rule

Giving tekey and glass 2ens rules to follow is helpful on many occasions as they will have a doctrine that they should stick to. To avoid drunk driving, give teens a no drinking and driving rule that they should follow until they grasp the idea. If found breaking the rule, give them a heavy punishment that will warn them against breaking the rule.

With this tips at hand, all parents should ensure their children are safe at any given time, and they monitor every bit of their movement to curb any wrongdoing.