Best tips when choosing wine

It is not difficult to choose the right wine. You just have to follow a few simple rules to get the right wine. You need to check certain things before you decide on the wine. There is the type of the wine, the amount you are willing to spend and whether you will drink the wine by itself or as an accompaniment to food.  In case you are drinking with food, the food will determine the type of wine you should buy. Red wine goes well with meat while white wine goes well with fish. You can click here for the best type of wine.

Spoilt for choice?

check label

When you are handed the wine list in a restaurant, and you do not know how o to choose the best you may be tempted to just pick any wine from the list. You should not slip the list under the table but take the chall0enge head on. It is a rare opportunity that you are given to choose the wine for you and your friends.  You need to ask your friends whether they want white wine or red wine.  The type of wine will depend on the food that you will be eating. If it is something heavy like red meat, you need red wine.

Check the label

The first thing that you need to do when you have been handed with wine is to check the label.  You have to check if it is what you have ordered. In case the vintage is not right, you need to say it before opening the wine bottle. It could just be a mix-up. The sommelier will change the wine to match the vintage you ordered.

Taste the wine

Pour some wine into a glass and taste it.  Make sure that you are holding the glass by the stem and not the body since in so you could be warming the wine unknowingly.  Swirl the wine by making two circles with your hand while holding the glass. The next parts you should do is to smell and taste the wine you have been given.  In case you feel there is something wrong with it like oxidation, then you should inform the sommelier right away.  If the wine is alright, then you can let the sommelier pour the wine.

Control the temperature

white wine

White wine is usually served cold.  Thus, you can feel it to ensure that the bottle under the table and not on the ice bucket.  You can also ask for slight chill for your red wine.