Monday, December 10, 2012

Superman: Secret origin

I have read only few series of Superman: secret origin because it seems to be repetition and has been done so many times. The work of Grant Morrison’s one page origin is All-Star Superman is very much sufficient for me.
I am not the regular follower of all Superman issues. I missed Kurt Busiek retooling Superman but I have read different series of Superman’s origin. Superman has a long history and we can let it be without “retelling” and “reboot” of the origin.

The art work of Gary Frank in Secret Origin is phenomenal. Clark Kent was good to see acting like Christopher Reeve. This characterization proved to be show stealer. It is to be understood that Secret Origin is tremendously entertaining and their pacing is good in mini-series
While looking at the other side of Secret Origin, I found that there is no any secret in the whole story. Only by careful notification I guess there are only few changes in the new series for just continuity.

Superman will be a good addition for your comic library. But for me- a great fan of Superman issues- it is little bit down to expected level. Except Gary Frank’s marvelous artwork, I think Geoff Johns work has proved better.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Comic con 2012 Koozies

It was my best friend’s birthday and Comic Con was around the corner and I did not want to give him something that it common. I wanted to make it a bit special this year. But there was nothing I could think of. Then suddenly I remembered a friend talking to me about Decided to give it a look though was pretty sure that nothing is going to be worth a buy for my best friend for our tip to Comic con. But then I was wrong. When I checked the site I could see lovely custom Koozies and each one absolutely innovative in design. The deluxe custom cooler simply took my breath away. I’ll tell you why.
•    Looks very trendy
•    High Quality material used to make the cooler
•    Keeps the beverage cool for long hours

Great Koozies

What’s more? My friend loves to flaunt stylish products and the black leather finish look to carry a beer bottle or a cold coffee can is just awesome. He carried it around during the comic book convention . A much unexpected gift it was for him. He liked it and I ordered one for myself too. It keeps the beverage cold for hours and when you want a sip you can actually get one without wetting your hands or spoiling your dress.  Amazing isn’t it?  Thanks to Custom Koozy for their wide collection of personalized koozies view website to get your own It’s great.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Squadron Supreme

Squadron Supreme by Mark Grunewald for me was the best comic book as compared to Watchmen, Identity Crisis, Kingdom Come, and The Authority.
I spend lot of time about discussing heroes and villains with my friends. Squadron Supreme is underrated by its own writer. The reasons for this act are discussed below:
The artwork turns off their fans. Being a standard superhero of the comic book they are not so hot performer. For me, it was an okay story.
For the fans of Squadron Supreme it was hard to believe that the team is an imitation of JLA. The thinking led them to miss a good story.
The subject matter makes them to track between many principled and moral dilemmas. It didn’t cause much problem for regular reader of mini-series, but for modern readers it was difficult to understand the style of plotting, dialogues, art layouts, and captions.

Above all Squadron Supreme is one of the good series of comic books dealing with philosophical queries and social problems. The series covers many political points of today. For very first time I saw Superman as a condescending arrogant pr-ck.
In my opinion Squadron Supreme should get the *****rating in terms of storyline and pleasure.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Watchmen Comic Trade

Watchmen by Alan Moore, was published by DC in 1986-1987. The storyline of this comic is full of sex and violence. Being a continuous reader I find every year someone new found there. Moore and Gibbons attempted to deconstruct costumed heroes in Watchmen. In Watchmen we have a vast tapestry of history, symbols, and details.
Dave Gibbons actually deserves the tribute for making Watchmen. Gibbons Watchmen is mistakenly named as “dark and gritty”. His art is really awesome. Characterization of this comic is very nice and beautiful. The heroes are sketched as real tragic anti-heroes. These heroes are unusual who fight from crime. Many of them are specified selfish and always runs behind fame. The most famous character of Moore is Rorschach, who is confirmed immoral at the end of the story. For me he is the hero in first half of the book.

Watchmen, is a detective novel but the main villain is not so easy to figure out. There are few main problems in my opinion. We have the overflow of comics of better quality after Watchmen. Another chief reason is the Younger readers who are unable to get the baseline of the story. The last trouble is the graphic novel which takes lots of time to read. At the end, for me Watchmen is one of the best comic in the comic book series.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Dark Night Returns

The series of Batman, The Dark Knight Returns is one of the most effective, pleasurable, and significant comic book. Being a deconstruction of Batman and super hero comics, it is a compliment to Bruce Wayne and Batman.

DKR was accomplished to be the final story for Batman series and was completely lived up to all hopes. By Time Magazine, it was ranked best in the line of top ten graphic novels. Frank Miller’s style proved to be more innovative and much more revolutionary. Miller’s style became a new standard for other writers.
Dark Knight Return was published later after CRISIS and was continuity to it. It was a masterpiece of Miller and Janson. A full movie can be experienced by reading this graphic novel. DKR is followed by many fans and this is the reason it is in top 10 graphic novels.

Many of the new fans think this novel is overrated as they are new or may be short sighted. As I am a great fan of DKR and can’t listen to these unvalued sayings. I wish one day all of them will realize the goodness of the comic and also its catchy storyline.

After celebrating its silver jubilee still Dark Knight Return is still champion of 2011.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mark Waid’s Empire Review

Mark Waid’s mini-series was very surprising. I read them three times and every time it holds me up there. In the work of DC and Marvel comics only bad guys won. In this case, Golgoth reins inner circle of warriors through remedy called Eucharist, which endows them enhanced skills.

Empire was a joint venture of Mark Waid and other writers and it was not much doing well. Later Empire was handed over to DC comics and republished as “issue 0”.
The later issues of Empire were fully loaded with action, conspiracy, and strong portrayal of characters. As the war starts with Greenland no one can put down Empire down. The villain Golgoth is a super-villain and can uphold story on its own. He is imprisoning earth’s last hero and remains a ruthless SOB.
Barry Kitson and Waid make a great team together. Kitson is a firm worker who crafts fantastic works. Empire is not alike Vertigo series; it is a bit tame in contrast to work done by Mark Millar or Garth Ennis.

If you are the lover of Mark Waids work of Fantastic Fours, The Flash, Captain America, Impulse, and The Flash, you must read Empire. I am very sure you will fall in love with the series of Empire.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It’s finished: Brightest Day

Brightest Day is an omnibus characterizing 12 resurrected villains and heroes. The characters were pretty excellent in terms of fresh start. Martian Manhunter fought with slanted insane feminine Martian on Mars. Aquaman returned with Queen Meera and enrolled as a new Aqualad. Deadman has perceived his love to Dove and still doing his thing but this time with healthier rationale.

Brightest Day is an epilogue of Darkest Night and their task to merge a cluster of plots to get back life of DC characters. It is big surprise that all the dead characters in DC universe are still alive. Too many hands are involved in artwork and hence not possible to discuss. There are too many dash pages, which appears sometimes extraordinary and other times weak.

Brightest Day is hated by DC fan boys as of no doubt. Though it was disappointing, still the ideas of optimism and social responsibilities were excellent enough. The characters of Brightest Day were saved for some grand reason. Alec Holland and Swamp thing are compliment to Alan Moore and very significant for DC Universe.
As measured an anthology or crossover, Brightest Day was having a good quality story instead of being so acceptable for me.